Using painter’s tape, whether it’s Frog Tape, Scotch, or some other brand, is a personal preference but there is definitely a right way to use it regardless of the brand. If you ask a painting pro, they typically do not like using it for all use-cases. The primary reason is that the line will only be as straight as the application. In many cases, a steady hand of experience and a good brush can go a long way and often be a faster process than dealing with tape. In fact, it can often be a cleaner edge because even slight variations in the tape application can leave to a wavy line separating the colors of paint.

One thing to remember… do not wait too long to remove the tape. Let the paint dry for just a few minutes to adhere to the surface and then remove the tape. If you wait too long to remove it, the paint has bonded to both the tape and the wall and you risk pulling the paint off the wall which would lead to a jagged appearance or a repainting of at least a part of the wall.

We will give our reviews of different brands of painter’s tape in future posts. For now, remember the easiest way to apply the tape is to use a continuous piece of tape for the entire length of the surface area to paint. Unroll about a foot at a time and apply from the edge outward, making sure you press firmly on the leading edge that will be protected by the tape. Make sure it’s wrinkle free and free of debris along the leading edge. This is why good painter’s tape comes in a plastic case. Keep it stored in a cool dry place in the container when not in use.

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